When Your Class Has a Class Guru

When Your Class Has a Class Guru
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    When Your Class Has a Class Guru

     There is always that one person, if not more in some cases that always takes your breath away with how wise and knowledgeable they are. They are always on the same level with the teachers or lecturers even when you tend to be lost in the knowledge the teacher or lecturer is trying to pass across and you imagine, "how does this person know all these."
    Some are called intelligent while some are known as average, others
    could be referred to as dummies but only a few are actually geniuses.
    Out of all students present in a particular class, one man and in these
    days, woman will pass as the "king" of the class.

    Geniuses exist and they are always few but always noticed where ever they find themselves. They command so much respect but only those who are jealous of them tend to hate. They are always the best in class and no matter how hard others try to beat them, they do not even come close.

    That was how l had Gibson in my department those days and he will ignore his books during exams but on the day of the paper, he will write comfortably with his results showing excellent representation of what he wrote during the exams. He was so good.

    How will you feel if you are the genius among hundreds of your other colleagues? Some might want to use the influence to capture as many ladies as possible while others will want to extort their fellow students with it but the best way to channel that gift is to better the lives of others at no cost.

    If you feel you are a genius or so gifted that you exceed people's expectations even that of your lecturers, then use it to the benefit of those who look up to you and not for personal gains.

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