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Every new school year in University of Ilorin, Unilorin new admittrants to the University are given fresher's starter pack. With this year's freshers starter pack, unilorin students react to freshers starter pack with mixed feelings. 

Like a fox will always be a fox , students will aways be students some will complain about almost everything that happens in the school while other’s will be grateful, joyful and thankful about them.

Noticeably, in most cases students will feel the same way about a situation happening in the school premises either negative or positive, all I know is student’s will always be student’s ,it’s either they are hating or liking or they have a mutual feeling about stuff.

Most student loved the starter pack while some didn’t they were complaining about different stuffs, but seriously if it was left to me to decide, I really think shobowale lukman olawale A.K.A EMINENT , president of the student union and his fellow executive of the great UNILORIN are really trying for all there fellow student , he keeps showing these nice charismatic attitude befoe his fellow student.

For real these dude is really trying there are different occasions were this guy could close down the school without breaking a sweat for instance the time he received a slap at the UNILORIN CBT center but he restrained himself from such act.

Seriously if it were to be a school like lautech , I bet for more than a year they would still be on strike cause the riot would be a heavy one but these guy keep showing the student’s and the so-called lectures the real qualities of a true leader.

Could you believe some student were like “what kind of silly shirt is this, what kind of colour is these ,they can’t even find a better colour and design for the shirt, I bet the shirt would be filmsy one, some even went to the extent of saying it’s eithe they give the shirt out o use it as a rag in their hostel”.

While some reasonable one’s praised the student union executives for the new starter pack, they were like “it’s a dope one, I can’t wait to collect mine , eminent as vision he should enter politics they would gladly vote him in as president of Nigeria if he ever contested for it.

You can be the judge of it, check out the components of the starter pack:  A multi functonal bag which supports both backing and handling.  A multi-purpose flash drive that works for both enabled phones and laptops.  A note book which is divided into six pat , to accommodate different courses  A brand T-shirt (This time around it’s not a sweat shirt)  A pen  And lastly a car air freshner , which is for the pupose of celebarating our parents.

Seriously if you are the one that really do appreciate good stuff ,you would agree with me that the UNILORIN Student Union (SU) executives are really working hard for both the fresher’s and stalite to get what’s rightfully theirs.


Gracie_psalmist     Dec 9 2014

I really luv d starters pack even if av nt gotten mine

Temliz     Dec 9 2014

Wow..data nyc

AnnaBella5     Dec 9 2014

Nice ..unilorin is trying

victorvaraod     Dec 9 2014

thatz a kull tin tu do

badedayo     Dec 9 2014


prettybellank     Dec 9 2014

They tried na...

prettybellank     Dec 9 2014


Lekiaphil     Dec 9 2014


sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

No matter what you do,not everyone will be pleased with it.

Queenclarry     Dec 9 2014

Nice one!.......much respect to him. My man of honour

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