Unilorin Second List Comes Out Soon

Unilorin Second List Comes Out Soon
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  •  DreadedSmoker DreadedSmoker

    So far Unilorin has admitted just about 3000 new admitrants. There are high hopes of seeing another 4000 more to be added to that number.
    The question on everyone lips now is when is the second list coming out?
    The answer to that question is that most are in the dark about that and are yet to know.
    However, there is general expectation that by next week another list would be out.
    In the meanwhile all Jambites should keep hope alive and keep their ears to the ground do that they can follow suit as soon as their names are out as the semester is already up along.

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    • Brown on Nov 8, 2015

      i hope as they are admitting 3000 + 4000, they are also planning to give them a job when they come out?



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