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Don't be surprise to see lots of dressing modes in the University of Ilorin campus now that our fresher's are back. It might be because our Unilorin freshers are afraid of dress codes. You know no one is ready to forgo their admission even if the course is not their choice.

You might just keep wondering why that lady is putting on a gown that touches her feet and still wears a jean under it. "Scoffs" they are still fresh and the thing still dey do them like jamb result. Bugging isn't it?. Yeah it is.

Was just passing through the walkway and behold I saw a lady with a blue jean trouser and a flowing gown. Is she thinking of changing back to a top when going back home or why should someone think of soffocating him/herself with the loads of clothes they wear even during this hot weather.

One thing is its this same set if people that will be seen begging the dress codes representatives not to take their pictures or seize their ID card. Talking about the hair style of our big boiz out there. Uhmmmm! I won't talk oh I'll just keep mute and keep staring at them.
Some Unilorin guys will come to school and you'll be able to see yourself in the mirror of their skin head. Not for the love of style or fashion but for the love of Unilorin. No one wants to convocate before his/her other colleagues.

But mind you, I give you this section and you'll see how this same set of people dramatically change to big boiz and big girls. They know how to do it. They start timing our securities. They know the dress codes rep. Will be there on Mondays so they'll dress like they want to meet Jesus for a dinner and on Thursday Friday will be like its a striping competition. They'll make it so easy and simple that they might even forget to attach the hook of their brassiere or decide to leave it without a innerwear so guys could see their selling point.

Forgetting their modes of dressing have a say about them. One thing about this writer is, she like to always look good. Check her out and decide if to use her as a role model. " giggles"


Dyz-     Dec 9 2014

Ogun laye ni..even face cap too is banned..nawooo oh

chosen111     Dec 9 2014

Face cap is banned too ah! kilode

Clarionz     Dec 9 2014

The rules are strict tho, but one got to be dressed the way he or she wants to be adressed

tamarapreye96     Dec 9 2014

Lol strict rules thou

Preety_Jennifer     Dec 9 2014

So face cap is also banned.

Preety_Jennifer     Dec 9 2014

So face cap is also banned.

eajayi08     Dec 9 2014

Same thing in KSU, although here, the dressing code is nt enforced so strictly

ellaehi     Dec 9 2014

really true

oluwaseun     Dec 9 2014

Lol nyc one

oluwasegun12     Dec 9 2014

#lol... nice post.....#

thatbae_pam     Dec 9 2014

hahaha lol

Juliet101     Dec 9 2014

Nice one.

Surplussmart     Dec 9 2014


sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

bt dat's student 4 u

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

lol..very funi

bukie     Dec 9 2014

uhm I trust yah.

CrazyDude     Dec 9 2014

bukiemalaika, u no now *winks*

bukie     Dec 9 2014

beejay ahbi nah

bukie     Dec 9 2014

you aren't serious oh crazy dude. y stripping not date with jesus

BeeJay     Dec 9 2014

Lol..very funny

CrazyDude     Dec 9 2014

Lol....very funny piece....pls when it gets to the stripping competition let me know.