Two Guys Throw Blows Over a MOUAU Girl

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Two Guys Throw Blows Over a MOUAU Girl

Yesterday evening didn't end well for some students in a yet unnamed lodge which is a small one located at Umugbalu, Oboro within the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike axis. It was a case of diverted personal investment. Still sounds strange right?

Some students who were still in the lodge were provoked to anger when a lover came to the lodge and caught his supposed girlfriend in the room of another guy who is also a friend to the guy. Hell was let loose.

It wasn't a small fight and campus punch gathered that the guy who came to fight was even the "side guy" and the one she was caught with happens to be the "main guy." It took other students time and efforts to calm the situation and l ask, what will a lady want with two friends?

The lady in question couldn't stand the scene and had to run when the rift became intense and left two men embarrassing themselves over her. We didn't see blood but we noticed swellings and cursing, threats and counter threats.

Guys, have you caught your supposed girlfriend cheating on you red handed, ladies, how about you?


Dyz-     Dec 9 2014


Rhemanuel     Dec 9 2014

Lolzz... Two people wey don overfeed

Omojo     Dec 9 2014

My dear I can't fight over a guy for what reason

chosen111     Dec 9 2014

Ah campus love

Natalya     Dec 9 2014 wa oh the girl is really a player nd trying to cause enemity btw the two friends

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

Interesting story anyway

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

The guys try na

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

Lol..fighting for who ain't worth fighting for.

Nuje     Dec 9 2014

This is really interesting

basildvalour     Dec 9 2014

@NabzyOfficial some people fight for love. Can't you?

Nabzyofficial     Dec 9 2014

Anyways we all have different temper

Nabzyofficial     Dec 9 2014

Me I can never fight over a guy, for what now. It's crazy

Nabzyofficial     Dec 9 2014

Hahaha. How can they fight over a girl that's immature

basildvalour     Dec 9 2014

Hehehe...Whitney, some train themselves in school

Whitney     Dec 9 2014

Ode!! Parents are wasting money on school fees.

basildvalour     Dec 9 2014

We got confused about who the side guy or the main guy really is

DreadedSmoker     Dec 9 2014

the topic should have been when a side guy fights a main guy...lmao