Sad Valentine: Her First Heartbreak in Campus

Sad Valentine: Her First Heartbreak in Campus
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    Sad Valentine: Her First Heartbreak in Campus

    IJ and Tochukwu happened to be freshers in Nnmadi Azikiwe University. They both met during this years UNIZIK admission clearance, He had borrowed her pen, IJ on looking at his form found out she had filled the wrong information and proceeded to correct him.
    They became friends afterwards, even though not in the same department, but it strengthened the friendship rather than break it.
    Months and years went by and they were inseparable, They had shared their first kiss and so many other wonderful moments together which seemed to further get their emotions entangled but they silently denied that they were just friends.
    The Friendship was getting deeper, till the point they really couldn't explain who they were to each other.
    Time would tell as everyone said.
    They waited for the day they will be courageous enough.
    Valentine was close, Tochukwu had just talked about it in passing, like he didn't really want to celebrate it.
    IJ felt he wanted to surprise her, so she was ready to beat him to it, she spent quite an amount of money buying a designers wrist watch and a necklace with a Love pendant, if Mohammed does not come to the mountain, the mountain will go to it..

    On the Fateful day, IJ stayed up at night to be the first to wish him a happy Valentine, she went giddy with joy when he replied.
    Her heart was full to bursting point when he called that he would love to see her.
    Finally he was going to ask the question, their dating was long overdue.

    Dressing up as best as she can, with a light makeup that did wonders to her already beautiful face, She stepped out with her gift well wrapped and tucked in her bag.
    Tochukwu welcomed her with joy and led her in, She met another Fine looking lady inside the room.
    She kept her cool and waited for him to do the introduction

    "IJ meet Nancy my Girlfriend, Nancy this my Best friend I have been telling you of.
    The clock stopped ticking.
    Without a Single word, IJ turned and left.

    i'm still puzzled, where did she get it wrong? 

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