No Rest Time For OAU Students as Salah ends

No Rest Time For OAU Students as Salah ends
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  •  Oakley Oakley

    No Rest Time For OAU Students as Salah ends 

    The Salah has gone just as swiftly as it came, but not the Salah rams, or at least whatever is left of them. At homes all over the country, many people, especially children, can still be see strutting about in their new clothes. For many students however, there's little time for that.
     It's a rainy morning in the ancient city of Ife, a silver mist settling over the sable hills ancient as time, yet under their stony, motionless eyes is the rumble of fear-fuelled buses.
    It's Wednesday morning! In other institutions, the 2-day public holiday may be followed by maybe even half a day of opportunity for students who travelled home to celebrate Eid with their families and friends to return and settle in a moment or two. OAU? Nah.

    Tests, rumours of tests, fixed lectures, postponed lectures, practical classes, assignment papers, all flying in the air, there could scarcely be the chance for any rest. The wiser students have returned on Tuesday evening, forestalling the evil of a missed impromptu test. The rest who lingered at home are now crashing in with the morning.

    The beautiful streets and parking lots I walked about yesterday, kicking through ankle high leaves and hearing my voice echo a mile, they've become sodden and trampled.
    Anglomoz car park is alive again. Bags are finding their ways, even through the relentless shower. This is OAU, Obafemi Owolowo University

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