LIFE IN UNN - What I Love About UNN Female Hostel

LIFE IN UNN - What I Love About UNN Female Hostel
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  •  somi somi

    LIFE IN UNN - What I Love About UNN Female Hostel

    I love UNN, don't know about you. Wait!! let's first talk about the female hostel. one thing I love about the female hostel is how you stay in your room and next thing, there's a thud on your door and once you open up, the conversation goes like this;

    stranger: Hello, good morning(smiling)

    you: Hi, morning(returning the smile)

    stranger: Are you the one cooking the rice that's making my stomach rumble?

    you: (feeling flattered and smiling) yes, maybe.
    stranger: Actually, to cut the long story short, can I have some? I bet the food taste as nice as it smell(pouting with an innocent face)

    you: (shrugs) no p, let me have your plate but I'll give you a little
    stranger: Aah, no wahala.
    After giving her a plate of rice, she blesses you like a dying father before running to her room.

    Hmm! female hostel is dope.

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    • naughtyNut on Jul 23, 2017

      This one na professional begging things...haha


    • sPeciaL on Jul 22, 2017 life ehn


    • JuniorPortland on Jul 22, 2017

      Lol...that was quite funny. Love your writing @somi



      # Thank u@ JuniorPortland ... by somi Jul 23, 2017


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