It's MOUAU Final year Water Baptism Galore Again!

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As it is the custom in many Nigerian universities where final year students are inundated with water bathe after their supposed last exams in the campus Mouau is once again back to that "water baptism" time of the year.

Excitement is in the air and students have taken the privilege to catch extra fun as some final year students finished their degree exams.

Despite the troubling weather and showers of rain, the final year students who have completed their degree exams this morning have been continually treated to a rain of showers from other level students and this is happening in almost all corners of the university. Even before the exams ended, while the final year students were still in their halls, some students has already fetched buckets of water and was waiting for them to come out of their halls.

Some final year students took to their heels and some couldn't do much than go on their knees and enjoy the tradition that has been existing in the school as water (both clean and dirty) was poured on them from head to toe. Some students prepared for the "baptism" but others who didn't were in regret because even their phones received some of the traditional blessings.

The episode continues for those who will be writing the afternoon and evening papers and the truth is, some of those enjoying the baptism still have an extra year to spend.

All the same, let the fun continue.


sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

luks lyk fun

Enny     Dec 9 2014


basildvalour     Dec 9 2014

Heard about it sometime last year, a student was running, slipped, fell into a drainage and hit his head against the drainage stones. And death came @Enny. Reverend of the Catholic Church in my institution warned people to desist from the act last Sunday.

Anastasia     Dec 9 2014

congrats ..its not easy

Enny     Dec 9 2014

die ke????

basildvalour     Dec 9 2014

person dey die o

Enny     Dec 9 2014

Confirm celebration

basildvalour     Dec 9 2014

Yea, the celebration continues today

temitife     Dec 9 2014

its an act of celebration. congrats to them o

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