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    Good afternoon guys and how are you doing?
    Quick question pls, Do you love your mum?
    And do you have an amazing story about her you will like to share to the world? The love, attention and all the great experience's you had with her while growing up till now...
    Well! this is your chance to do just that.. Join us as we Celebrate Mothers.Nominate your mother by submitting your entry here
    Share your own and tag 10 of your friends to do the same
    #MommyDearest #PowerOil for a #Healthy #Family
    The prize is a day out with your mom and other moms, there will be food, games, tributes and other fabulous prizes, power oil is part of the Indomie group that are under Dufil... You are to amplify and participate and invite your friends and friends or friends as well
    This one is going to be Big, and Loud and it also an avenue or you meeting with your friends and pairs parent.
    As usual kindly tag us on these platforms,

    Fb-indomie campus ambassador
    Fb page -indomie campus ambassador

    Fb -indomie
    Ig- indomie _nigeria
    Twitter indomie noodles


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