How to Request For Any Prize Won on CampusPunch

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How to Request For Any Prize Won on CampusPunch

CampusPunch has progressively become the most entertaining student community in Nigeria. And part of the efforts to keep the fun in this community is the many free gifts and prizes that fly around this community day in day out.

For that we would always express our special thanks to businesses and other kind hearted Nigerians partnering and supporting us in this making this dream of a better world for students come true.

The most important question members of Campus Punch community ask when they win a prize is, " How do I lay claim to any prize I  win on CampusPunch?" or " How can I cash out the money I make on CampusPunch?

How To Request For Any Prize Won On CampusPunch

It is simple. Just CONTACT US.

You can contact us using either of the following:

*The Contact Admin on your profile page

*Call  -  +1 408-637-4384/ 0908 341 2984

*Whatsapp - 0810 036 9606

*Email -
Once you have notified us we would respond accordingly to verify and duly follow up to deliver your prize.

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Dyz-     Dec 9 2014

Kul in sample soft work..hope to win soon

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

Hope to win soon.

Fezzy22     Dec 9 2014

This is Optimistic tooo

eajayi08     Dec 9 2014

Very easy. I hope to win soon

Cherryk     Dec 9 2014

Wow cool Nice one

AnnaBella5     Dec 9 2014

Nice n simple

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