How Students Can Make More Money While in School

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How Students Can Make More Money While in School
Campus Punch in partnership with other kindhearted organizations has searched for and has created different avenues to help students make more money while in school.

There are several channels students in Nigeria make money daily on this website, but today I want to focus on how you can make more money with Campus Bidding.

, you need to register on the website. Registration is free. Once you are registered, with your user account, you are are entitled to bid and win free products.

Some of these products are food provisions such as tin milk, tin milo, custard, golden morn, corn flakes; wears such as male and female cloth, food items such as bag of rice, carton of Indomie, carton of tin tomato etc.

With this you can save yourself so much money and have enough to feed during your school year. Go to this link to see how how Campus Bidding is done

, you can also win free phone tablets, laptops and expensive bags, clothes or jewelries. How? By applying to level 2 or 3. Yes, on the same bidding section (i.e. there are three levels.

You need to upgrade your bidding account to level 2 or 3 to enjoy win such things as free laptops, phone tablets, clothes and jewelries.

Level 1 is FREE
Level 2 is N500 for 6 months.
Level 3 is N2, 000 for 6 months.

Apply to Level 2 or Apply to Level 3 to enjoy this extra product offer! With just N500 or N2,000 you can save yourself hundreds of thousands worth of naira and win for yourself free laptops, samsung galxy tablets, phones and more. Is this not amazing?

Finally, here comes the big part where you can make extra cash as a student using your referral link.
We are offering extra 50% of N2,000 (i.e. N1,000) to only users who have applied for level 3 bidding membership when they refer their friends to the site. They make N1,000 each time the refer someone to apply to level 3.

It is possible for students to cash out a minimum of N5000 every day if they refer 5 people.

Read more on How to Apply to Earn N5000 daily


Freddofroshh     Dec 9 2014

Hmmmmm sounds great.... I'll give it a try...

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#really cool tho..hope to try it...

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This is helpful

tamarapreye96     Dec 9 2014

Wonderful idea helping student survive

chisomaga     Dec 9 2014

ion really understand dis bidding of a thing...plz help explain it better to me

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I hope this is real sha, bcos na naija we dey o

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tanks a lot

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na hail i day hail who na oo obrigado means thank you oo once again thank you campus punch

Joyhills1     Dec 9 2014

nice work campuspunch...this is a wonderful idea....but just are the goods redeemed by the bidders?

Techvillz     Dec 9 2014

Pls... one more thing.. I am unable to view this post and read it. But other pages are opening

Techvillz     Dec 9 2014

I just saw this on Facebook so I decided to check it out. So far I am impressed.. Thanks to the minds behind this!!

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

Campus punch is the best!

mario280     Dec 9 2014

Obrigado campus punch

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Oh yea I love bidding....Thank you Campus Punch!