How My Course Rep Gave a Fellow Student a Thunderous Slap Today

How My Course Rep Gave a Fellow Student a Thunderous Slap Today
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    How My Course Rep Gave a Fellow Student a Thunderous Slap Today

    Well this incident happened today in class. Well after the first lecture which is supposed to be by 8am, lecture ends, lecturer gives attendance, and another lecturer walks in.

    The course rep passed the former class attendance and when it got to the seat before mine, another guy took it to write his name without following the due seating process. Another person sitting behind him was nudging him to pass the attendance, you know the normal the mischievous guys thing.

    The course rep warned them again to desist from the act, but they ignored him and persisted, that was when his irritation got the better of him and he turned and gave him a thunderous slap. The sound was so heavy i'm sure that type of slap can deafen that guy. I mean the whole class could hear the roar from one end of the class to the other end.

    The slap sure gave the slapped guy ripples through his body such that there was a total silence from him that passed across to the rest of the classroom over a couple of seconds. The slapper himself was a bit shocked.

    After the momentarily hush of silence, reality set in and the new lecturer  continued with his talk. Guys as Guys were now taking jabs at Tony, laughing and poking him to either get angry or just outrightly retaliate. Everybody felt bad, but the laughter got the best of everybody around.

    Later on as the lecture continued the slapper (Jerry) felt bad and wrote an apology, and passed it to the slapped guy (Tony), by now I have gotten their names like everybody else. Would i call it the slap that gave them few minutes fame...loll.

    The Guy was really vexing, he just told Jerry that they will reason it after class. Jerry who was still looking for who to blame as the cause of the whole situation, even though he was obviously sober.

    As guys will be guys , they settled after Lectures and all the dust settled.

    But mehn, that slap I could still hear it in my ears as I am typing this post to you guys...LMAO...haha

    My piece of advice: Manage your anger or one day, you will slap your destiny, destroy your future and hurt your present. A Person who can control his self is better than a Person who rules a City, so says the Bible. The day you will lose more than you think because of your temper, you will understand that Anger truly lies in the bossom of fools. Save your life.

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    • Cherryk on Jul 21, 2017

      Holord<br /> waw<br /> lol<br /> nice advice.


    • Johnny12345 on Jul 20, 2017

      Nice advice


    • Diva4 on Jul 18, 2017

      father is Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • rashyda on Jul 16, 2017

      Lolz, he should apologize


    • marcos100 on Jun 7, 2017

      hahahaaaaaa the guy must apologize before tony do something bad ooo


    • simple on May 20, 2017

      lol..... am imagining the slap right here and I can see the complete hand print of the slapper on the guys chik.......... nice advice tho, but not that u will allow someone to sit comfortably on your head oh


    • SophiaBae on Apr 24, 2017

      Jeeez.. There are really types of slaps


    • badedayo on Apr 6, 2017



    • mishey on Apr 3, 2017

      lol, that sure a reseting slap. Yeah. Anger destroys more than any other things


    • mcanthony123 on Mar 26, 2017

      ur advice is nice,u hv done ur part.nw who hv ear should listen wit it


    • prettybellank on Mar 24, 2017



    • sPeciaL on Mar 24, 2017

      Lol..nice advice tho



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