How I Won The Airtime Bidding on CampusPunch - By Temliz

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How I Won The Airtime Bidding on CampusPunch - By Temliz

Hi a normal day,I was just searching for news on Facebook then I saw an ad by CampusPunch "how Nigeria students can make money".....omo,I followed the link sharp sharp,registered and started earning free coins that same day.

Then I saw the bidding section,I went for the level 3 straight just for me to discover I need more coins for that so I just humbled myself and tried level 1 at 11:00pm but the competition was so high,so not to finish my coins,I waited till 11:59 then I hit the button just like a child's play,I WON....couldn't believe it until I got the this is sooo nice..going for the tab soon,you?

Thank you, CampusPunch. Let's do this again!


teefehblink     Dec 9 2014

I hope to win also

teefehblink     Dec 9 2014


Tegoma     Dec 9 2014


Fezzy22     Dec 9 2014

Am soso happy for you dear..more winnings

Fezzy22     Dec 9 2014

Wow congratulations my dear this is awesome

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

Congrats to you

barrykay     Dec 9 2014

Congrats oo

tamarapreye96     Dec 9 2014

Congrat dear

uwalakapeacennely     Dec 9 2014

please,help a soul,av bn trying it n is nt working out

olu-toyo     Dec 9 2014

congrat o... I hope to win also

itz_oracheal     Dec 9 2014

I pray to win too

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