How Homosexual Sin Destroyed Kelvin's Educational Career

How Homosexual Sin Destroyed Kelvin's Educational Career
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    Hmmmmmm!!! i must really recommend that we thank God each day we go and come back from our daily activities safe and sound...

    Seeing the picture of the five of this guy I met in a church today and imaging the life of those that got involve with him,all I could end up saying was SUCH IS LIFE.
    Kelvin a 23 years old boy ( not real name and age) was a student of boys secondary school(not real name) in ss3 was a child to write home about but not until he met a friend that got him into the sinful act of homosexuality.
    Kelvin visited his friend at his house, only to find out dat this friend of his was making out with a fellow man, he went out of the room and sat outside to recover from the shock, when his friend and partners seduced him into joining them.
    Kelvin was unable to control his sexual urge after that day. He gained admission into the university still posses with that urge of sleeping with a fellow man, and this was how his roommate Austin got initiated too. Hmmmm kelvin destroyed the lives of so many males occupants in the hostel by turning them into homosexuals as he was cute.
    Till when he was invited for a program in the church where he got delivered. But of cause he can't meet all the people he ruined there lives and get them delivered.
    Austin was unlucky as he was caught in the act with a hostel mate and beaten thoroughly b4 taken to the police for further punishment. Mehnnnnn n!!!
    Kelvin felt so ashamed after his deliverance that he decided to leave school. wow!! well now my concern is on those lives that has gotten involve with him?? i just hope God arrest them

    Not everyone u see in campus is worth knowing or mingling with.. And please Homosexuals and Lesbians are possess with uncontrollable evil help them get to God
    But heyyyyy!!! be careful

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