How Armed Robbers Attacked Uniuyo Students A Night Before Exams

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How Armed Robbers Attacked Uniuyo Students A Night Before Exams

This day still lingers like crystal blue water when I and a couple of my close friends where out after a spiritual downpour of the early morning Sunday preaching from the presiding Pastor. We were still strolling through the campus like new saints who would never sin again after the pastor touched our soul with his preaching.

Yea that was just a month ago while exams where on in University of Uyo, UNIUYO. So this armed robbery story happened on this same Sunday night.

It was a normal Sunday, and students were going about their normal activities, and majority went for night class as exams was due the next day, so the clasrooms where packed to the brim as usual.

Sadly, no ne could envision what the next traumatic few seconds of the night would suddenly turn but out to be. To the detriment of everyone who had chosen to read that night in UNIUYO CBN hall in Town Campus, surrounding was unknown gunmen at few minutes past 10, I was just checking my phone to check the time to calculate whatever time was left for me that night.  

There and then like a bolt the armed robbers stormed the hall. They gave orders to everyone to lie down and bring out their phones and laptop but nobody responded as everyone thought it was just a normal students prank not until a shot was fired into the air and people outside the hall ran to the nearest hostel for safety. I can bet that gun shot fired a pee out of my manhood instantaneously. Ta! Don't laugh at me...Lol....but that day it wasn't as funny as this at all.

The robbery was carried out successfully. The catered away with all  the phones and laptops that came reading in that hall that night. No one even dared to put up a struggle against these robbers. As they criminals left all hell broke lose and everyone scattered, everyone to his hostel as fast as their legs could carry them.

Not even a single soul or even mosquito would found in that hall throughout that night even though exams was coming up the next day.

Well the next day, the affected students initiated a protest for the exams of the next day to be cancelled as they were going through some emotional trauma.

The exams scheduled for 13th February was postponed till further notice while other exams still went on.


Manuel_9595     Dec 9 2014

Dis is very painful

Rhemanuel     Dec 9 2014

This is serious shiiii.. Wait oooo how did they enter the school?? Number one question...??

chosen111     Dec 9 2014

That's so traumatic

Pashur     Dec 9 2014

Hmm who ever did dat must b a student of dat school

Diva4     Dec 9 2014

being in such situation can be terrible. so sorry.It's actually vri scary

vickkylove20     Dec 9 2014

Wow... Ehya

CrazyDude     Dec 9 2014

Eleyi gidigan o!