How a UNIZIK Student Proposed to His Girl Friend in the Bus

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How a UNIZIK Student Proposed to His Girl Friend in the Bus

Kosi and Chime were what you would call the craziest pair of friends, they had grown from being acquaintances to being really close and could act out all they want, anywhere and when they wanted to. You know that kind of friend that you both could cook up one silly idea and go on and act it out with.
So today, they were in the bus going from Eke Awka to School gate when Kosi flipped out a ring box and Chime jokingly said "what if there is a ring inside the Box and you propose to me with it?

Kosi took the joke serious and good enough there was a ring in the box and like a Scene out of a Romantic movie, right there in the bus, he popped the question, "Will you marry me", With surprise written all over her, She burst out laughing.
Ermmm Ladies and gentlemen in this bus, please help me ask this Pretty Lady beside me if she will be my wife? He said,
Nigerians with their Aproko nature started commenting, some were even clapping for them
Baby say yes now
Chai, see her she is blushing
Look at how she is laughing, she must be very happy.

Ok, Yes, Chime exclaimed.
That was how the bus people began to cheer and book wedding card and Seat with Asoebi, even giving marriage advice on top.

That was one big joke but it happened but then it was a joke.
Hope you don't pull it off on someone.
So let me give you a tip for April fools days, you can do it to someone but make sure both of you understand yourselves well enough so someone doesn't break your head when She finds out its a joke.
Don't say I told you.
*in Jenifa's voice* I am mindeding my bizness.


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Lolzz really interesting an funny.Dats also romantic.Aww!!!!!

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haaaa funny...I love it

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Romantic.. Kudos

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Is funny sha,bt nt 2 mean pple

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How romantic

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Why u too dey lie like dis?

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Guys this is crazy, nice one

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Very jokmantic...

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lol. really funny

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Very funny...........

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So funny...............just passing by

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Lol...quite an interesting read!

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Hahahaha. Hmmmmm