How a Cab Driver Man Paid for my Ride to Makama, Unilag

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How a Cab Driver Man Paid for my Ride to Makama, Unilag

Good Morning wonderful Naija people.

Hmmm,,, would like to have your thought on this matter.

Is it my fault that the Cab Driver did not collect my Tee-fare nii???

I was @ Unilag yesterday and also heading for New Hall and decided to take a cab of #30.

I really don't know the amount cause it my first time going to Makama.

I took the cab and we left, it got to New Hall and stopped. I gave him #200,,,,,,, you need to cee the way he threw the money back and shouted jorjorjor,,, kileleyi Laaro kutu kutu,,, nibo loti fekin ri (please, please, please! What is this, this early morning, where do you want me to get it).

I was like what is it sir,, he just hissed, said some abusive words and zoomed off.

He should have at least gave me #150 change and take the #50 no wahala.

Okay tell me, is it my fault that the Cab Driver did not collect the #30.
Hmmm,,, for this Buhari Period someone will still rejects #30. I cee wonder!!! Hahaha


oluwagbemiga     Dec 9 2014

lucky you.....

chosen111     Dec 9 2014

Nah u're luck oh....he help u save money

Grace     Dec 9 2014

You are not at fault jare.

Grace     Dec 9 2014

Kikiki i wish for a free ride like this one day.

Quorente     Dec 9 2014

hehehe wich soap u take baff dat morning

Mayomikun     Dec 9 2014

D man is spool funny

harcease     Dec 9 2014

truly funny

harcease     Dec 9 2014

or mayb he has sumwhere 2 go

harcease     Dec 9 2014

lel,d cabman was overjoyd,dat's y

mhizz_mary     Dec 9 2014

very funny

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

It was a funny experience

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

Hahaha, sorry @ cab man

pearl     Dec 9 2014

hahahahaha.. lmao

mayybel     Dec 9 2014

Lol very funny...

Ella-bella8     Dec 9 2014

Babe relax its not or fault at all.....

modella     Dec 9 2014

Lolz,he gave u September gift

Teena     Dec 9 2014

Lol d driver get early morning madness

puritymhiz     Dec 9 2014

u should av asked

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

It wasn't my fault oo,,, I 4 even leave #50 for him buh he dey do shakara

iamchily     Dec 9 2014

hmm in this tym of some classic defendant call of fuel scared

fiddy     Dec 9 2014

na fact the cab man yarn you

alasman     Dec 9 2014

laaro kutu kutu bawo

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

It's not your fault jare

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

Very funny

Anastasia     Dec 9 2014

d driver has lose...

Anastasia     Dec 9 2014

I will be happy if I were d man

Anastasia     Dec 9 2014

very funny...