Hey Freshers Y'all Getting The Feel Of Unilorin?

Hey Freshers Y'all Getting The Feel Of Unilorin?
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  •  bukie bukie

    Welcome back to campuspunch. Its been a while I must say. Yeah! Its good having you guys back here. So what do I have for you?
    Guessed you've been seeing all those people persuading you to bank with them, or make you buy their goods right beside the boys Lagos hostel very close to the motion ground. Yeah that's how its always been. I mean that's what they do.

    You might just not have any choice than to just go there and try your luck. But this time don't go with your tuition fee ohh its gonna be a very bad idea.
    Well I must say, school is getting filled up though my jambites are still expecting second list which to me is on presumption.

    The campus is getting filled with students here and there with lot of issues. Fuel transportation, inadequate lecture classes and many more. Another thing is the weather. You dare not wear a sandal to school this season if you want to look good throughout the day. Even at the queue and struggling for taxi complicates the issue.

    Very soon orientation, freshers week, and matriculation will be the song in the air. Everyone ask why unilorin's program is a little bit out of point this section. Like the late resumption, the second list issue, and every other thing that has to do with unilorin campus.

    Well let's just make fun out of our stay.

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