Does Your CGPA Break Your Heart?

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Does Your CGPA Break Your Heart?

And the rains were angrily pouring down, the roads are so bad yet people went about their businesses without much attention to it.

There l was with my umbrella trying to get to the junction where l could take a bus from Living World to Osisioma junction where l wanted to go pick up a parcel crossing over to Port Harcourt and there was this lady who ran after me to join me under my umbrella. She couldn't take the wetness anymore.

She greeted and asked if l could allow her and l gave her the go ahead and we continued walking side by side. I spark off a conversation between us and we talked and smiled. She told me she was a student of Covenant Polytechnic, Aba and told me she was writing her exams and she hasn't been finding it easy as she is not sure of how well she is doing.

I asked her if she was reading at all and she said that she does read but always gets discouraged by when ever she sees her result and the discouraging CGPA. She spoke well and cultured as well with all l heard her say.

Now, a lot of my friends back in school too have complained about this CGPA issue. For those who are not aware of what CGPA means, it is the Cumulative Grade Point Average, from where your class of degree is determined. My friends have complained that comparing their CGPAs with others higher than theirs often discourages them to read because they believe they can never beat the best CGPAs in their departments and they are better of with just the grading from A to F as in the case of the Medical Students.

For those of us in the system, do you agree with this statement or do you think seeing your CGPA will make you work harder? Let's hear you.


chosen111     Dec 9 2014

Yes it helps me in aiming higher,bigger and better cgpa the following semester

Mayomikun     Dec 9 2014

keep striving

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

It a good write up anyway,, simply good

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

It a good write up anyway,, simply good

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

Nice post, I must say

Zeenat     Dec 9 2014

It really Cool but not funny

mayybel     Dec 9 2014

Nice post

puritymhiz     Dec 9 2014

dat should b ur source of rage n hunger to study more

sPeciaL     Dec 9 2014

Work Harder...Pray Harder!

Anastasia     Dec 9 2014

ya ..I support David...hardworking is d secret to first class

iamchily     Dec 9 2014


Nuje     Dec 9 2014

You just have to focus

Emecsther     Dec 9 2014

Kk. Any how bro

basildvalour     Dec 9 2014

Some may want to struggle to become the best graduating student and win the recognition and prize that comes with it. This has led students doing some bad things to stay up there all because of maintaining the best CGPA

Emecsther     Dec 9 2014

U don't have to beat the best to make you win, but you trying to beat the best makes you win. So I will say that it all depends on you.

david_martins     Dec 9 2014

if you have a target to have a first class then your CGPA will make you read harder

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