Chai! Handsome UNIZIK Student Dies In Fatal Accident

Chai! Handsome UNIZIK Student Dies In Fatal Accident
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    Chai! Handsome UNIZIK Student Dies In Fatal Accident

    Nigerians and  the act of rushing and consequently breaking of law are like Siamese twins. We are always in a hurry and as such hastly choose to break rules that were made to keep us safe.

    This was how this particular student lost his life at Unizik junction some days ago. From the information I gathered, he was crossing the highway and instead of using the pedestrian bridge above like it is the norm for many Nigerians in their nature of rushing, but this day was an unfortunate day for this Unizik student. There an automobile on high speed hit him and crushed life out of him.

    From pictures circulating, the car or bike or whatever that hit him must have been on a very high speed as the victim though at that time was unidentified was dismembered (sighing, "may his gentle soul rest in peace!").
    And most probably the car didn't have a headlight or it failed a brake or something could have gone wrong at either ends.

    The student in question was later identified as Mr Lawson, who was studying Building Technical Education. this a great loss for his Family, course mates and the entire UNIZIK community.

    My dear fellow Nigerian sudents don't risk your life for anything, its better to be late alive than go early to the grave.
    Risk is only worth taking when your life is not threatened.
    So let's be wise and let the need for self preservation beyond every other reason be the guide of our actions.
    Rules and laws are meant to guide us to safety and most times as human beings, we tend to overlook that which was made for us.

    I will still say, be wise and be alive!

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