Campus Bidding: How to Upgrade to Level 2 & 3 Bidding

Campus Bidding: How to Upgrade to Level 2 & 3 Bidding
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    Campus Bidding: How to Upgrade to Level 2 & 3 Bidding

    Campus Punch Bidding has always being free, as we all know. Once you have Signed Up for an account you can bid on any level. Signing Up is free.

    Once you are registered you can start Bidding. To continue bidding however, you need to gather free coins from the site.

    I hope by now we all know how to obtain free coins on the Campus Punch community. If however you don't know how to gather free coins CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO GATHER FREE COINS

    Level 1 Bidding is Free
    Level 1 bidding is available to all registered members. Once they have enough coins you can bid at any given time. There you can win any bid/product found on the level 1 bidding section.

    Now, what about Level 2 and 3?

    How to Upgrade to Level 2 & 3 Bidding

    To be able to bid on Level 2 & 3 you need to apply to Level 2 and 3 by subscribing with 500 naira and 2000 naira respectively.

    To subscribe click on FUND WALLET on the biding section to apply for the desired level.The subscription last for 6 months.

    Once the subscription is made you can now win any bid/product on the Level 2 and 3 bidding section.

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