Are you still friends with your 100L clique?

Are you still friends with your 100L clique?
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  •  Oakley Oakley

    Meeting new people, making new friends, socialising with people in the same boat as you are, these are all intricacies of entering a new institution. Naturally, you get to form a social circle of individuals you relate with, casually or a lot. Most people are not introverts, even when persons are shy and unsure they still have those they build a castle with.

    Merriam-Webster dictionary defines clique -
    noun (plural cliques)
    - a small group of people who spend time together and who are not friendly to other people
    (I don't quite agree with the 'are not friendly with other people' clause, it's not quite true that I don't have friends outside of my clique)
    So, we know what a clique is- the guys you roll with, the girls you always sit with ;the closest of your close friends. When young people get into tertiary institutions one of the first things they do is form friendships and cliques. However, time drifts people apart. A recent study discovered that 90 % of people are no longer close friends with people they claimed to be their best friends in past years. I personally have had 3 different cliques in my 3 years on OAU campus.

    Are you still friends with your 100L/Part 1 buddies?

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