Amazing Facts That Will Wow You!

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  •  Racheal Racheal

    1.The only person a woman attentively
    listens to &
    obeys sincerely & dress exactly as he says is
    a photographer.
    2.Most ladies pray for a hardworking man
    But they won’t even answer greeting from a
    Bricklayer,Truc k pusher e.t.c.
    3.When you take group pictures,,The first to
    go to the cameraman
    to see the picture is the ugliest.
    4.When a man walks into a chemist with an
    innocent/sorry face and greets everyone
    including his Juniors,Trust me he came to
    buy condoms.
    5.A typical Igbo man will never forget
    his balance with a bus conductor,he rather
    sets a reminder on his phone.
    6.If you are talking to a girl and she stares at
    your lips……
    Trust me,she wants you to kiss her.
    7.If you are talking to a guy and he stares at
    your face Trust me,your Boobs are way to
    small to be noticed.
    8.Smiles have been proven to be more
    attractive on ladies face than Make-up.

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