All You Need to Know About Earning Coins on Campus Punch

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What’s Coins?
Coins are virtual currency generated as rewards to users for every activity carried on the CampusPunch website. These coins can be used to earn lots of free gifts donated on this platform.

What is the Value of Coins?
The coins generated on CampusPunch platform are used for many exciting activities.

For instance they are used to BID and WIN plenty of free gifts on the BIDDING SECTION of the site.
These free gifts to win ranges from laptops, phone tablets, food provisions and much more. For every bid you make 5 coins is deducted from your overall coins. 

These coins enable you to gain entry to apply for the Face Of Campus photogenic contest. Presently, you need 1000 coins to apply for any of the ongoing photo contest.

Users can also sell the coins they gather on this platform on the BUY/SELL COINS menu section. CLICK TO READ ON HOW TO BUY/SELL COINS ON CAMPUS PUNCH

The coins are also used to apply to be PICS of the DAY.

The coins gathered are used to chat up other members on the site. You are charged 40 coins for every message you send to another user on the site.

The following are activities you can do on CampusPunch website and the rate of coins you can generate doing them:

Post Link Referrals
: 10 coins
Views: 0.5 coins
Comments: 2 coins
Registration: 20 coins
Posts: 5 coins
Original Posts: 100 coins
Bidding: -20 coins
Deleted Post: -5 coins
Deleted Comments: -5 coins
Message: -20 coins

So that is all you need to know about earning coins on CampusPunch. So the secret of making more coins is by having an active participation on the CampusPunch community.

I'm sure you don't want to only earn coins but want to make real cash too. Then read this: 3 Ways to Earn Quick N5000 Daily As a Student


Danny4020     Dec 9 2014


naaheema     Dec 9 2014

Please I don't understand how things go here, and I hope this platform isn't for scamming people

Braitdoyin     Dec 9 2014

Pls am new here and I don't really understand

fidelamaka     Dec 9 2014

Please am new Here someone should enlighten me

Temliz     Dec 9 2014 a newbie here and I won the airtime do I get it

Nonility445566     Dec 9 2014

Dat gud I love dat

yemzie     Dec 9 2014

How do you make withdrawals,?

Saviour123     Dec 9 2014

How will I no hw much I have before I can withdraw

Saviour123     Dec 9 2014

Am still not clear about how to bid

Saviour123     Dec 9 2014

Am loving this platform

ellaehi     Dec 9 2014

nice work campuspunch

thatbae_pam     Dec 9 2014

I still don't understand the coins idea

GoodnessEze     Dec 9 2014

Am new here

GoodnessEze     Dec 9 2014

Please how do I invite my friends

GoodnessEze     Dec 9 2014

Give me guidelines please

GoodnessEze     Dec 9 2014

Please I hope I win

bettyrich     Dec 9 2014

Please how do I vote?

GoodnessEze     Dec 9 2014

This idea is awesome

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