A College Students 5 Healthy Secrets to a Fast Breakfast

A College Students 5 Healthy Secrets to a Fast Breakfast
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    A sumptuous breakfast is certainly a healthy feeding option. At the same time, not everyday can one devote the same time to prepare a healthy breakfast not when your lecture is by 8am and you carelessly wake up by 7am same morning.

    Have you ever thought of fast, and yet healthy breakfast before you storm out to that lecturer hall? There are easy and healthy recipes and breakfast ideas which can help us lead a healthy life. Just one needs to remember the fundamental of balanced diet in mind. Here's how:

    1. Indomie: as a student who wouldn't want to go to the lecture room with empty stomach then you might consider taking two packs of Dangote noodles. That's what I do to keep my tommy from any disorder.

    2. Omelet: Simple cheese omelet is easy to make and tastes yum apart from its wonderful nutritional value. A toast and a hot cup of tea will go wonderful with the omelet.

    3. Hard boiled eggs and toast: A sip of hot coffee or tea and a toast of bread and simple hard boiled eggs make for a healthy breakfast too. And not a time consuming process at all.

    4. Sandwiches or toasted bread with a warm tea: This can take you through 4 hours lecture atleast. And will stop you from taking a weird glances at your coursemates.

    5. Boiled yam and fried egg: Wouldn't take you more than 15 minutes to boil 4 slice of yam and 5 minutes to fry you egg. You just need to be snappy with your bath and other things to get ready for your 8 O'clock lecture.

    Meanwhile remember this is Nigeria school life...where you'll still have to wait for about 15 minutes or more before you can get a taxi.
    Buh through all tights you can still make it.

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