5 Categories of Students You Can Find in a Nigerian Campus

5 Categories of Students You Can Find in a Nigerian Campus
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    The following are some of the categories ofstudents you will see in a typical Nigerian University.
    1.The Deeper Lifers
    This isn’t about the church ‘Deeper LifeChristian Fellowship’ itself but the religious extremists or the fanatics. These people are soengrossed in religious activities that theydevote less time on their academic works.You’ll see them at vantage prayer spots almosteveryday. The girlsdress with scarfs tightly on, blouse and thenlong skirts, they never apply makeup, reallynever!. For their mind, they are the only set of people that will make heaven.
    2. The Jackers
    You don’t wanna mess with these guys andtheir ‘books’. They spend 18hours+ readingtextbooks, notes, materials and they never gettired of reading them. They move from theirrespective halls to class, to the library, to theacademics and back to their halls. Some don’teven sleep in their rooms. They lookmalnourished at times, with bulgy eyes andtheir backpacks are full of books.*
    3. The Social Lifers
    Yeah! I love these guys. You see, most of them give no damn about education or its affiliates. They dressexquisitely, do ‘paroles’ at night, you can seethem at night at suspicious locations.They attend parties and hardly go to churchregularly, if they do, probably in search of babes. Some of them read during schoolperiod and many read during the exam period. As amatter of fact, some of them get good grades butmaybe not the best grades.

    4. The Unserious
    OnesThese are theparty people, they never balanceacademic life with social life. They literary don’t givea damn about academic works. You’llseethem in cars carrying girls and they’realwayshappy, for what reason??. These guysdress like superstars andthey roll with the party bangers, rappers etc.They mostly stay off campus too.
    5. The ‘Never Letting Go’
    These guys have probably graduated from school or have been rusticated/suspended orthey might just be outsiders. They are loversof the school environment. They roll withstudents of course and spend their dayswandering around the halls . You’ll see them atthe TV rooms/common room chatting,discussing politics and soccer.

    Just an observation made!!

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